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Who we are

Founded in 2010 by experienced professionals, A&S is today one of the leading Finnish professional service providers. We are committed to serving as a trusted partner to multinational corporations by providing an extensive range of integrated legal, tax, transfer pricing and financial advisory services.

Our ambition is to be the leading cross-disciplinary end-to-end service and solution provider in the global market.

We highlight a pragmatic approach and provide our clients with flexible, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions by utilizing our innovative tools and methodologies.

Our core beliefs

‘One-stop-shop’ experience on a global level
We believe in a true ‘one-stop-shop’ experience. From start to finish, we provide turnkey solutions that maximize benefit and value creation while minimizing administrative burden.

Our experience from working with multinational enterprises offers our clients access to the best practices arising from actual business operations. In addition, our extensive, hand-picked partner network covers all corners of the world, ensuring that our clients always receive the best advice and solutions available.

From one-off engagements to long-term relationships
Our core values consist of integrity, trust, efficiency, creativeness and independency. These values constitute the basis for our day-to-day operations and reflect in our work in every project and engagement.

Our aim is to form mutually beneficial long-term relationships where we can, through continuous learning, provide further tailored solutions to fulfill the specific needs of our client organizations.

Award-winning solutions and approaches
Besides handling customary client engagements, we also invest heavily in developing innovative solutions and approaches that continue to revolutionize the way professional advisory services are provided.

Through utilization of unique approaches and modern technology, we are able to provide added value at a fraction of the cost and administrative burden typically related to compliance responsibilities of multinational corporations.

Cross-disciplined, solution-oriented professionals at your service
Our talented professionals are the embodiment of our core values and beliefs. Each engagement and project is matched with a dedicated team of experienced professionals who have the relevant operational, regional and industry expertise needed to deliver comprehensive, spot-on solutions.

We believe in working flexibly across all disciplines, with a single goal of providing comprehensive solutions that are always tailored to the specific needs in question.

Meet our professionals

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