08/03/2016 | Financial & tax due diligence

Pihlajalinna Plc / Kompassi entities

Alder & Sound was a provider of financial and tax due diligence for Pihlajalinna Plc and its subsidiary Pihlajalinna Terveys Oy in the acquisition of Kompassi Lääkärikeskus Oy, Kompassi Hammaslääkärikeskus Oy and Etelä-Pohjanmaan Sydäntutkimuspalvelu Oy (“Kompassi”) from private owners.

Kompassi Lääkärikeskus Oy and Kompassi Hammaslääkärikeskus Oy have operated only few years in Seinäjoki, but have reached a good reputation in the local market. Etelä-Pohjanmaan Sydäntutkimuspalvelu Oy is specialized to provide cardiologist outsourcing services to municipalities and public hospital districts.

In 2014, combined net sales of Kompassi entities were EUR 2.2 million.

The agreement is expected to come into force on April 1, 2016.

For more information (in Finnish): Pihlajalinna ostaa lääkäri- ja hammaslääkärikeskuksen Seinäjoelta

A&S due diligence team involved:

Toni Turunen | Partner, Financial Advisory Services

Antti Sauramo | Associate, Financial Advisory Services

Mika Sipilä | Senior Associate, Tax Services


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