19/09/2016 | Financial & tax due diligence

Lindström Oy / Enviro Wipes Limited

Alder & Sound was a provider of financial and tax due diligence for Lindström Oy in the acquisition of the UK based Enviro Wipes Limited.

Enviro Wipes specializes in the supply, processing, laundering and distribution of recyclable wipers. Established as Printers Cloth Company in 1992, and rebranded as Enviro Wipes in 2013, the company serves a client base of over 1,500 customers involved in the print and packaging, automotive, manufacturing and maintenance industries. In 2015, Enviro Wipes Limited’s net revenue was £3.3 million.

Lindström is one of Europe’s and Asia’s leading textile service companies with over 165 years of experience in the textile industry, offering solutions for the cleanliness and interior design of facilities, corporate clothing and protection.

More information (in Finnish): Tuore yrityskauppa kaksinkertaistaa Lindströmin henkilöstön ja palvelut Isossa-Britanniassa

A&S due diligence team involved:

Toni Turunen | Partner, Financial Advisory Services

Antti Sauramo | Senior Associate, Financial Advisory Services



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