16/01/2017 | Financial & tax due diligence

Sisco Oyj / S-Sähkö Oy

Alder & Sound was a provider of financial and tax due diligence for Sisco Oy in the acquisition of S-Sähkö Oy. S-Sähkö Oy is a electrical contractor mainly for construction companies. In 2016, S-Sähkö Oy’s net revenue was EUR 4 million (16 months) and it employed approximately 15 people.

Sisco Oyj is a construction company focusing mainly housing and commercial buildings. The acquisition supports Sisco Oyj’s growth strategy. Sisco Oyj (Group) is a portfolio company of Sentica Partners.

For more information (in Finnish): Sisco Oyj:llä sähköinen startti uuteen vuoteen Sähkö-S Oy:n ostolla

A&S due diligence team involved:

Toni Turunen | Partner, Financial Advisory Services

Antti Sauramo | Senior Associate, Financial Advisory Services

Lauri Saukkonen | Senior Associate, Tax Services


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