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AQ Group AB / LTI Holding Oy / Trafotek Oy

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Alder & Sound provided financial and tax due diligence for AQ Group AB in the acquisition of Trafotek Group from Intera Partners.

Trafotek is a supplier in design and manufacturing of specialized power electronics components, such as reactors, transformers and filters in medium to high power range. Trafotek’s customers include leading players in the fields of power electonics, industrial automation, renewable energy and marine industry. Company headquarters and a production plant are located in Kaarina, Finland. In addition, Trafotek has factories in Rae (Estonia), Itu (Brazil) and Suzhou (China). It also has a sales and R&D office in Bremen (Germany).

The company has an annual turnover of about €45 million with an EBITDA margin of 7%. The cash and debt free purchase price was €28 million.

For more information: AQ Group AB acquires Trafotek

A&S due diligence team involved:

Toni Turunen | Partner, Financial Advisory Services

Matti Kaloinen | Senior Associate, Financial Advisory Services

Antti Sauramo | Senior Associate, Financial Advisory Services

Tiina Piitulainen | Associate, Financial Advisory Services

Suvi Vänskä | Partner, Head of Tax Services

Henri Lyyski | Associate, Tax Services


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