04/08/2020 | Financial, tax & legal due diligence

LeadDesk Oyj / Nordcom Oy

Alder & Sound was a provider of financial, tax and legal due diligence, and SPA services for LeadDesk Oyj  in the acquisition of Nordcom Oy.

Nordcom provides CallStar licenses, data traffic, mobile subscriptions, equipment, network connections. Its net sales were €0.9 million and it had 7 full-time employees in the financial year ending in February 2020. LeadDesk’s shares are traded in the Nasdaq First North Finland market.

For more information: LeadDesk Oyj on toteuttanut Nordcom Oy:n yritysoston ja päättänyt siihen liittyvästä osakeannista

A&S due diligence team involved:

+358 40 739 2902

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Bettina Miettinen

Senior Associate

+358 40 826 3409

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Henri Lyyski

Senior Associate

+358 40 709 2824

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Johanna Kannisto

Head of Alder Transactions

+358 40 737 1492

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Mia Häyrinen


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