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AQ Group

Founded in 1994 as Aros Quality Group in Sweden, AQ Group is now a global manufacturer and provider of components and systems for clients around the world. These range from industrial customers with, for example, a high demand for sheet metal processing to those who need inductive components, wiring systems, electric cabinets and other system products.

AQ Group employs some 6300 employees, of which 85% work in growing market areas outside Sweden. The company is listed in Nasdaq Stockholm and has an annual turnover of roughly 480 million euros.

AQ Group started working with Alder & Sound in 2018, when the company’s Business Development and IT manager, Per Lindblad, followed his network’s recommendations for a due diligence service provider for an acquisition the company was making in Finland. “We were satisfied with our choice of partner from the beginning”, Lindblad recounts. “We were looking specifically for a Finnish company and, in terms of both size and profile, Alder & Sound fitted the bill perfectly.” 

For Lindblad, working with Alder & Sound has been simple, straightforward, and informal, but only in the most positive way. “They are easy to get hold of, react quickly to our needs, and are excellent at keeping to the schedule. There is no unnecessary hierarchy. All and all,” he concludes, “we have a very uncomplicated relationship”. Lindblad believes that Alder & Sound’s long experience has led to them having, for instance, an effective way of communicating.

Alder & Sound is clearly and extensively indicating those things that most need the customer’s attention at every stage of the project, they helped us to avoid several problems that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Lindblad has been happy working with Alder & Sound and claims it has been smooth from start to finish. “Alder & Sound have good experts in a number of areas and I have had the opportunity of working with several of them, all of whom are very adept and easy to work with”.

Meanwhile Toni Turunen, A&S partner and head of financial advisory services recounts the following: “It’s been a real pleasure to see that our model of relying on experts with long-term experience also works with customers who have their head office outside Finland – and AQ is definitely one of the most important of these. Working with them has been straightforward,” he continues “and it has kept expanding into other areas, which is always a sign that we’ve got the chemistry right and work well together.

This interview was conducted in March 2020 by the communication agency, Aava & Bang.

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