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Every year, Alder helps Futurice carry out transfer pricing documentation and many other matters of international taxation. Read more!

Published 10.01.2024

Futurice Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2000. They develop digital products and services for businesses with a focus on software development and service upkeep. They are one of the fastest growing IT companies in Finland and employ some 500 people around the world. Futurice has offices in Helsinki, Tampere, London, Stockholm, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, and Oslo.

Futurice started working with Alder a few years back. According to Futurice’s CFO, Esko Harila, it made more sense for a company their size to buy in tax expertise as a service rather than attempting to learn the field themselves or employ in-house tax experts. Every year, Alder help Futurice carry out transfer pricing documentation and many other matters of international taxation.

According to Harila, one of Alder’s strengths as a partner is that they are pragmatic and solution-oriented. This can be seen, for example, in the way Alder don’t routinely make a comprehensive analysis of every question, which would be unnecessarily time-consuming. Instead they look directly at the specific challenge to find a solution. This means the solutions are most often compact but effective recommendations instead of a fundamental situational analysis. According to Harila, this kind of agile, straightforward model really fits Futurice well.

“Alder’s strengths are pragmatic and solution-oriented approach. They don’t routinely make a comprehensive analysis of every question, instead they look directly at the specific challenge to find a solution.”

The way Alder are focused on specific tailor-made solutions can also be seen in the way they bravely challenge the customer’s views when needed. “It’s the kind of thing I appreciate”, Harila admits, “because they are the experts in this field, not us”. According to Harila, they can rely on Alder’s expert views concerning any matter.

Alder’s proactive approach also elicits praise; particularly when it comes to, for example, transfer pricing documentation. “We haven’t had to think about transfer pricing matters at all lately”, Harila notes, “as they just automatically update our documentation, and then send them for us to check”.  This uncomplicated way of communicating between the two companies manifests itself elsewhere too. “They’re so easy to work with, and that makes it easy to recommend them, too”, he continues.

“I would recommend them without any hesitation”, confides Harila. “Our contact person is someone I would expect to have as an advisor in this field. Concise and well-informed”.

Having been working together now for the past two years, we are Futurice’s resource for transfer pricing, taxation, and jurisprudence”, notes one of our partners, Henri Becker. “We aim to find answers to all the questions we are asked so Futurice can really focus on their core business as effectively as possible. Futurice have an excellent open-minded and supportive business culture that really helps give their actions direction. Close cooperation with Futurice is a personal pleasure and a professional privilege.”

The interview was carried out in June 2020 by communications agency Aava & Bang.

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