26/1/2022 | Financial due diligence

Jatkaja / Cadpool Oy

Alder & Sound provides Financial Due Diligence for JATKAJA in the acquisition of Cadpool Ltd. Cadpool is a design service company founded in the early 1980s. The company employs around 60 employees. The clients are architectural firms, engineering consulting companies, ship builders and machine manufacturers. Cadpoolin turnover was 4 million euros in 2021. JATKAJA is a development company focusing on continuity of SMEs

Read more (in Finnish):
Cadpoolin jatkuvuus varmistettu: JATKAJA toteuttamaan sukupolvenvaihdosta

A&S due diligence -team

Matti Kaloinen
Jaakko Damskägg
Atte Sukki
Jani Sorri

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