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Juuri Partners

Juuri Partners are a Finnish capital investment company that fund established and profitable small and medium-sized businesses in Finland. They offer a new kind of funding and business development plan for growth-oriented companies which combines active minority or majority investment, debt financing and strategic support for business.

The funds managed by Juuri Partners are worth approximately EUR 200 million euro and the management company has a team of 10 professionals. Juuri has 13 portfolio companies and is actively looking for new potential investments.

Juuri Partners and Alder & Sound started working together soon after JP was founded in 2015. Juuri Partners were investing in growth companies in the SME sector and they wanted an agile partner with a flexible pricing model to provide due diligence services for them. “We have used Alder & Sound for several years now,” reports JP partner, Anita Ojala, “and perhaps the most important thing, besides the high quality of service provided, is that they are very easy to work with”.

Ojala highlights honesty, smooth communication, and flexibility as the most important elements of their effective partnership. “We communicate well, and I can get in touch about even the smallest details. I value their honesty in that they don’t promise too much, they keep to agreed schedules and they take care of the commissions without any trouble”. Ojala then goes on to say how important it is

that the work is done proactively and with such great attention to detail. We are also kept posted about any possible changes.

Ojala is also very satisfied with the cost-effectiveness and professionalism of A&S as work-partners in all their assignments. “They are a great company who are nice to work with; and overall we have been very satisfied, so I recommend using their services in the future too”.

Meanwhile Toni Turunen, A&S partner in charge of financial advisory services recounts the following: “We began working with Juuri Partners right from when they had just started up, and it’s been interesting to see how they have since grown into being one of the top capital investors”. “Our successful working relationship with JP again proves how relying on experts who have a long-term experience of your company is the right strategy”. 

This interview was conducted in March 2020 by the communication agency, Aava & Bang.

Our financial advisory team is fully committed to offering you the best assignment team in town. The experts assigned to support our customers are all highly experienced. Our focus is especially on medium-size transactions, but in addition to our due diligence services, we also carry out economic modelling and valuations, as well as other transaction services.

Our tax & legal team will provide a full range of high quality integrated tax and legal services to our clients. From planning to implementation, our experienced professionals serve clients of all sizes and forms by delivering turnkey solutions to serve their specific needs.

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We want to be a partner and a trusted advisor for our customers on all the important questions. Assignment teams are always set up to meet the individual needs of the customer, so you will have a named contact person to provide you with access to all of our wide-ranging services and our global partner network.

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