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As an investment company, MIMIR needed a partner that understands the legal and tax matters connected with reorganizing businesses internationally. Read more about their experience!

Published 10.01.2024

MIMIR Invest is an international investment company, and their head office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden. MIMIR invests in businesses that are being divested for strategical reasons – when not part of their larger parent company’s core business. MIMIR’s investment portfolio also includes businesses that need an owner to actively participate in the company’s operations. MIMIR’s expertise covers a range of fields including the chemical, pharmaceutical, and paper industries. In its role as an owner, MIMIR takes a very active approach and always works closely with the management of the companies it invests in.

MIMIR Invest and Alder started working together a couple of years ago, when MIMIR heard about a new kind of small company focused on financial, tax and legal services. As an investment company, they needed to find a partner that would fully understand their operations – especially the legal and tax matters connected with reorganizing businesses on an international level.

“Alder are relatively exceptional in their field – not the kind of business you come across very often – and their seasoned financial and legal expertise comes at a very reasonable price”, notes Joakim Notö, one of MIMIR’s investment partners and continues: “We were interested in Alder as soon as we heard about them. They seemed to be a little like we are: flexible, full of entrepreneur-minded experts, and capable of thinking outside the box.”

“They seemed to be a little like we are: flexible, full of entrepreneur-minded experts, and capable of thinking outside the box.”

Over the years, Alder have advised MIMIR in several investment assignments with good results. They began giving financial advice, but have since expanded their collaboration to include almost all the services that Alder currently offer – from financial advice to tax services. Notö especially values Alder’s return-oriented approach, which genuinely focuses on the customer’s perspective and aims for best results. The overall impression is that Alder want to do the best they can.

“There’s nothing to complain about”, Notö adds, “everything we’ve done together has gone extremely well. The experts at Alder are a nice bunch, who are both easy to work with and professional. I have to say, that every project we’ve undertaken together has been a success. Even when it’s very limited, they take great care to look into the background information, and can – if needed – explain in detail what has been done and why.”

I’m fully convinced by their dedication and expertise, and see no reason why we should not continue to collaborate in the future.

“It’s been enjoyable to work on so many different legal and tax matters with MIMIR Invest on their various different projects in Finland. They work at a fast pace, which also suits us very well! We always work as a team”, notes Alder’s Partner, Suvi Vänskä, “combining our financial, tax, and legal expertise to optimize the flow of information so that customer service is both quick and efficient. I hope that our relationship with MIMIR continues to develop further too, so we can be their go-to source of advice even more often in the future”.

This interview was conducted in June 2020 by the communication agency, Aava & Bang.

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