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Nordcloud Group

Nordcloud is a European leader in cloud implementation, accelerating the digital transformation of its corporate customers with the many possibilities that cloud technology offers. Since 2011 they have helped more than 500 international businesses to make full use of these possibilities both safely and cost-effectively.

As one of the fastest growing companies in Finland, they also operate in nine other different countries across Europe (the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) and the company has an annual turnover of around 100 million euros. 

Nordcloud began working with Alder & Sound in 2015, when they were brought in to help plan Nordcloud’s internationalization, and to advise on transfer pricing. Since then, this working relationship has only deepened, and now Nordcloud outsource all their legal and tax services to A&S. “I immediately took a liking to Alder & Sound’s customer-centred approach”, says Nordcloud Founder and Chairman, Fernando Herrera. “Every time I talk with their expert, they proactively suggest ways to support our business”, he adds, going on to note that the quality of service is excellent too. 

Herrera is grateful that A&S have a flexible and vigorous approach which invariably has fantastic results; but it’s the smooth way that A&S work together with Nordcloud that Herrera perhaps most appreciates. “Our relationship with A&S is really good. I like their solution-oriented model. They always try and find the most effective solutions for us, and these aren’t always the most apparent ones”. 

After years of cooperation, Nordcloud has grown from a company with a turnover around 10 million euros to a corporation with a turnover of 100 million euros. According to Herrera, A&S have used their expertise, versatile service range, and flexible way of working to keep pace with this growth.

They also have an extensive international partner network, which has ensured a comprehensive range of services when we’ve needed support in other countries. The result is that A&S have been able to coordinate the use of special advisers in these locations as and when we need them.

In Herrera’s opinion, A&S are a fantastic partner for growth companies such as Nordcloud: “I’ve already recommended their services to other people, too, and the best thing is, on several occasions, those people then come back to me afterwards and thank me for the introduction – I think that’s great”. 

For her part, A&S partner and head of legal and tax services, Suvi Vänskä, has this to say about working with Nordcloud: “It’s brilliant that we’ve been able to share in Nordcloud’s upward trajectory, while all the time having this privileged box-seat view of their incredible growth from start-up to 100 million-euro-company with offices all over Europe. Nordcloud has used the whole range of our services in transfer pricing, legal, and tax – and they are an excellent example of how we can offer a comprehensive service to customers as they grow in size. But business matters are not our only concern,” Vanskä adds. “We also take into account the bigger picture of the entrepreneur, their personal situation, and their assets. We focus on delivering a straightforward, personalized and individual service, that will deliver the highest quality results for our customers”

This interview was conducted in March 2020 by the communication agency, Aava & Bang.

Our tax & legal team will provide a full range of high quality integrated tax and legal services to our clients. From planning to implementation, our experienced professionals serve clients of all sizes and forms by delivering turnkey solutions to serve their specific needs.

Our transfer pricing team will help our customers grow, communicate, internationalize, plan, succeed, control their risks, and take care of their compulsory obligations. Together with our global partner network we make sure that our customers can focus on their international business free of any unnecessary worry or unreasonable bureaucracy, and in the knowledge that they are not taking any risks. At the same time, we make sure that there is a suitably effective and meaningful internal process set up to address every situation.

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We want to be a partner and a trusted advisor for our customers on all the important questions. Assignment teams are always set up to meet the individual needs of the customer, so you will have a named contact person to provide you with access to all of our wide-ranging services and our global partner network.

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