19/02/2021 | Taloudellinen & verotuksellinen due diligence

Pihlajalinna Oyj / Työterveys Virta Oy

Alder & Sound Oy provides Financial and Tax Due Diligence for Pihlajalinna Oyj, in the acquisition of  Työterveys Virta Oy . Työterveys Virta is a healthcare company having appointments in Oulu, Kemple, Tyrnävä, Muhos and Liminka. In FY19, The company had an annual turnover of ca EUR 13,6 million and employed 143 employees. The acquisition price of the shares is EUR 17.6 million.

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A&S due diligence team involved

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Tiina Rapo

Head of Finance & Business Support

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Johanna Kannisto

Head of Alder Transactions

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Mia Häyrinen


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Sini Paljärvi

Senior Associate

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Henri Lyyski

Senior Associate

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