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“Alder's expertise convinced us, and the feeling has only deepened over time”. Read more about the collaboration with Raute!

Published 10.01.2024

Raute is a technology company serving the wood products industry worldwide. Raute adds value to the business of its customers by supplying solutions for sustainable and profitable wood-product manufacturing. The value of the wood products industry sector served by Raute is approximately 45 billion euros. Raute’s technology provides machinery and equipment for the customer’s entire production process. 

As a supplier of mill-scale projects Raute is a global market leader both in the plywood and LVL industries. Its customers are served by approximately 800 Raute professionals in ten countries. The company’s series A shares have been listed on Nasdaq Helsinki since 1994.

Raute first started working with Alder when they needed to outsource their transfer pricing. That was almost ten years ago, and they have been working on long-term projects together ever since. “We have quite precise needs for our transfer pricing and we wanted a fast and adept company to take care of it,” states Raute’s Business Controller, Jukka Makkonen. “Alder’s expertise soon convinced us, and the feeling has only deepened over time”. Indeed, the work with Alder has extended to cover tax matters, as well as transfer pricing.

Above all, Jukka appreciates Alder’s customer-orientedness and deep understanding of the customer. “Whether it’s phone calls or meetings,” he says, “I always get the feeling that the matter is in good hands and that they care about us.” Jukka particularly like the fact that Alder never take long to respond: “Whenever we have a query, we always get an answer back quickly, and yet they are always carefully prepared and very expert. You can tell from this that we are genuinely well looked after.”

“We appreciate Alder’s customer-orientedness and deep understanding of the customer. Whether it’s phone calls or meetings, we always get the feeling that the matter is in good hands and that they care about us.”

Jukka has found working together with Alder very rewarding over the years, and reckons he has himself also learnt a great deal:I wouldn’t say I’m a transfer-pricing guru exactly, but Alder have given me a certain kind of understanding of the subject. It has been brought home to me just how these things work and I realize that in all these things we talk the same language. We therefore have a strong mutual trust.

Raute is currently undergoing changes to its transfer-pricing model, and having truly effective communication with Alder means there is a degree of mutual understanding that has allowed the model to be introduced smoothly and in good time for everyone to take on board just what changes are going to happen.

Jukka’s overall impression of the working relationship with Alder is a positive one: “Alder have clearly grown, and growth often presents challenges. Nevertheless, their quality of service has remained high, and customers are still given as much individual attention as before”.

“After working with Raute for nearly a decade now, those trips to Nastola now represent a big part of the history of our company”, recounts Petteri Rapo, Managing Partner at Alder. “Mutual trust, clear division of labour, and optimising our processes have been reached by working together a lot over the years. As a constant sparring partner, Raute allows us to support their business and control for any possible risks that there might already be in the planning phase. Raute is in many ways a model example of how a skilled financial and administration team combined with our TP|BackOffice outsourcing service enables the compliance duties requireded to global business to be taken care of with the minimum of fuss.

This interview was conducted in March 2020 by the communication agency, Aava & Bang

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