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Ali Omar is a successful entrepreneur who now wants to help other entrepreneurs and companies to make the most of their potential. Ali is a doctor and one of the founders of Med Group, a healthcare company that Ali and the other founder, doctor Kustaa Piha, grew from zero into a 100 million-euro-turnover company in just 10 years. Med Group was sold to Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy and Colosseum Dental Group in 2018.

Since leaving Med Group, Ali has been working as a full-time angel investor and advisor for growth companies. He is also a member of the Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) board.

Ali Omar met Alder & Sound through FiBAN. Omar needed a law firm on his side that would offer a swift and flexible personal service. “I heard that Alder & Sound might have an expert whose way of working might be on the same wavelength as me” Omar recounts, “and they did.” Since then, A&S have spent the last couple of years taking comprehensive care of all legal and tax matters for Omar and his investment and portfolio companies.

“The human relationship behind working together is important to me”, Omar points out, “and is one of the main reasons why I originally chose Alder & Sound”. There are also other reasons, but it’s this trust built on the human relationship that is of fundamental importance. According to Omar, you must be able to trust the lawyer who is taking care of matters that you yourself might not completely understand. But A&S are more than just reliable, they have also proved themselves to be a professional, versatile, and flexible partner.

The service is incredibly good and well-tailored to the situation. The communication simply works; it’s positive, quick, and flexible and it happens via channels that I already actively use – emails have mercifully been kept to a minimum.

He also finds that A&S fit in very well with his speedy pace of work that can sometimes require a sudden change. “Their ability to answer to a sudden switch in customer needs is phenomenal”. He also appreciates the intelligence and approachability of the team at A&S. According to Omar, “they understand the everchanging needs of entrepreneurs, and are able to juggle their services accordingly. I have nothing but good things to say about them”.

Meanwhile Suvi Väskä, partner and head of tax and legal services, has this to say about working with Spartamed: “Working with Ali has been just great! We talk nearly every day via the channels he prefers to use, and there are many things going on and projects underway all the time. It’s a pleasure to work with Ali, because communication and feedback is instant, and things move forward smoothly”. For Vänskä, “Ali is a typical example of a fast-moving, busy entrepreneur that genuinely appreciates the fact that he can leave things with a trusted partner in the knowledge that they will be properly taken care of.”

This interview was conducted in March 2020 by the communication agency, Aava & Bang.

Our tax & legal team will provide a full range of high quality integrated tax and legal services to our clients. From planning to implementation, our experienced professionals serve clients of all sizes and forms by delivering turnkey solutions to serve their specific needs.

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