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When it comes to the global mobility of employees, it is no longer only about posting abroad as we know it. It is also about global mobility according to both employers’ and employees’ personal needs. In addition to traditional postings abroad, international business travel, short project assignments, multi-country work situations and cross-border teleworking also sets legal and tax challenges for companies. Permanent transfers abroad or hiring international talent to Finland also require companies to anticipate and plan carefully.

We assist in resolving the legal, tax and social security obligations of both the employer and the employees in global situations. We also prepare the necessary documentation, such as various agreements and applications both in Finland and by our international partner network abroad.

Pre-planned and clear processes create a foundation for the organization in situations related to global mobility and internationalization. When the employer’s obligations are handled properly and in a timely manner, risks are avoided from the perspective of both the company and the employee. We develop guidelines and policies related to global mobility in cooperation with companies, ensuring that all the specific characteristics and needs of the company are taken into account and that the guidelines or policies serve the company according to its needs. Well-designed, clear and efficient processes create a competitive advantage for the company and engage staff. We also produce guides related to the themes of global mobility as human resource management tools and provide training for both employer representatives and employees.

We can assist you if you have for example:

✔ Plans for the company to go international in the future

✔ Questions on obligations relating to the global mobility of employees

✔ The need for internal guidance or policy on the global mobility of employees, such as teleworking, business travel or postings abroad

✔ Plans to hire employees or management from abroad or you are going to work for a foreign company yourself.


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