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Acquiring professional services that require special know-how can sometimes be somewhat difficult and obscure.

Here we aim to describe the contents of our key service concepts as clearly as possible. Our goal is to show how our service philosophy – emphasizing full picture and maximizing added value to the customer – presents itself on a practical level.



We assist our clients with various corporate tax related matters. Our services include assisting companies with corporate tax compliance, tax reporting and the interpretation of tax laws. We regularly draft advance rulings, other applications and appeals to the tax authorities and administrative courts. We represent our clients before the tax administration and take care of the whole process.

We help with tax optimization and structure planning. Typically, these assignments include planning and implementing intra-group transactions, such as share-for-share exchanges, mergers, de-mergers or transfer of asset transactions.

We assist our clients with international tax matters, such as permanent establishments, cross-border mergers, BEPS compliance and DAC6 reporting.

Our foreign clients seek our assistance with local tax compliance related to their subsidiary or branch in Finland. In such cases, in addition to the tax compliance assistance, we are able to assist in all other day-to-day administrative matters and provide one-stop-shop services for foreign companies having limited resources in Finland.


We advice in small and medium-sized M&A transactions. We provide buy- and sell-side legal support throughout the M&A process from starting the negotiations with an NDA and an indicative offer to conducting or facilitating the legal due diligence and advising with the share purchase agreement, shareholders agreement and other necessary documentation relating to the M&A transaction.


We provide tax structuring and tax due diligence services in small and medium-sized M&A transactions. Our typical assignment is an integrated buy-side assignment including planning of the acquisition structure, conducting a tax, legal and financial due diligence and assisting with the M&A documentation (see services under Mergers & Acquisition).

Our tax and legal services team works in close co-operation with our financial services team in connection with any assignments including a financial due diligence work stream to gain synergies and to make sure that all work streams are synced with the same knowledge. This way issues which may have come up and need to be taken into account are timely addressed and considered from different due diligence area perspectives.


We help our clients to plan and implement generations shifts. We will familiarize ourselves with each entrepreneur’s individual situation in order to find out the most feasible alternatives to implement a generation shift or other ownership change in their company.

In planning phase, we will identify  an alternative as tax efficient as possible considering first the entrepreneur’s personal target setting and wished end results. After the most suitable option has been chosen, we will take care of the implementation including applying for  advance rulings, drafting all the necessary documentation for implementation and registration of all necessary matters with the authorities.


Our wealth planning services are designed for individuals owning assets important to themselves. We assist our clients in planning an optimal structure for holding their assets considering the continuance of the ownership in the family as well as the tax efficiency of the structure. Our service is a full-scope service from mapping the individual’s current situation and personal targets to implementing the identified and planned measures in order to achieve the desired results.

Typically, our wealth planning services and other related services provided to individuals  include planning and implementing last wills, pre-nuptial agreements, transfers of assets by gifts or sale transactions and lasting power of attorneys to replace public guardianship in case of a person’s incapacity to take care of their own matters.

In many cases we assist our clients in operating also with difference investment vehicles, such as investment companies or trusts, capital or life insurances or other investment structures found suitable for the client’s personal situation.


We assist in various assignments relating to indirect taxation. We advise in general questions relating to indirect taxation, such as any VAT and custom matters. Typically, our advisory in the field of indirect taxation includes drafting answers to the tax authorities’ queries, drafting advance ruling and guidance applications as well as drafting appeals to the administrative courts. We represent our clients before the tax administration and take care of the whole process.

We conduct also reviews on company VAT practices to ensure compliance with the Finnish tax laws. Our services also cover the structuring and optimization of business operations from the VAT perspective.

We advise in VAT compliance matters. Our foreign clients appreciate our services on the field of VAT compliance. For our Finnish clients we act as a single point of contact for coordinating the VAT compliance of their various foreign locations.


We regularly assist our clients with corporate law matters including planning and establishment of new entities in the group structure as well as advising in day-to-day administrative corporate matters and drafting of any necessary corporate resolutions and other related corporate documentation.

We typically provide legal assistance with the implementation of investment rounds, employee incentive schemes, share or option matters, acquisition of financing and any group restructuring.


We advise our customers in daily employment law related issues and help create employment and executive contracts.


Our advisory with respect to the commercial agreements includes drafting and commenting of commercial agreements and general service terms. We are happy to participate in and assist with any customer negotiations and thereby help our clients to protect themselves from unnecessary future risks and liabilities.

We also provide assistance with national and international IPR registration matters.

Our data protection advisory consists of reviewing and drafting of data processing agreements, reviewing and advising on data protection practices as well as documenting data protection processes.



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