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Sustainable business operators recognize the impacts which the business has on the environment, society, and various stakeholders. A responsible company also identifies the essential sustainability themes for its own operations. Sustainability does not happen by itself, but requires active actions, decisions, and internal processes to support everyday operations.

In our opinion, sustainable business is not point-wise management of things or loose phrases in external communication. Sustainability should be a comprehensive and integral part of the company’s core business and value creation. Sustainability can be divided into three areas: Environmental responsibility, Social responsibility, and Governance. These are linked to each other, and companies should identify the key aspects of sustainability from a business point of view to make sustainability a part of everyday life and all its practices.

We want to carry sustainability into action and practice, to part of our customers’ core business.

Have you considered how sustainability affects your business? Whether your company is a technology company in a robust growth phase that is looking for funding, or a consulting company operating on a stable basis that strives to engage its personnel, sustainability plays more vital role in the future of your operations than you might think.

Tax responsibility workshop

We assist our customers in developing a tax strategy and instructing its internal implementation to be in line with the business and sustainability goals.

Prepare for changes by reviewing internal processes and scanning the situation of external tax responsibility reporting on time!

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Sustainability scan

We map the essential sustainability themes for your core business, the connection of business to sustainability and the opportunities for business development.

At the end of the sustainability scan, you will receive a comprehensive report on the current level of knowledge of sustainability issues and our recommendations for further development.

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ESG Due Diligence

In ESG Due Diligence, we review the target company’s sustainability plans and processes, responsible persons, and possible external responsibility reporting.

ESG Due Diligence is tailored according to the target company’s business, industry, and size.

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Sustainability workshop for board members

Board members will learn the essentials about sustainability, how they can concretely influence the concrete of sustainability in the company and how to make sustainability a key part of the business.

For sustainability to be created as a key guiding principle that permeates the entire organization, top management and board members must understand their own role as promoters of sustainability.

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Scan of management and organizational cultures

We recommend expanding the due diligence processes to also cover the organizational culture and management practices.

We scan organizational cultures, core values that guide operations, daily operating methods and interaction between different members from both the acquiring and the target company.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

We help scan the current status of equality and non-discrimination in organizations, prepare the plans required by legislation and organize customized trainings and workshops.

Employees’ well-being is a central part of corporate sustainability. Active promotion of equality and non-discrimination are essential factors in this equation.

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