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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Employees’ well-being is a central part of corporate sustainability. Active promotion of equality and non-discrimination are essential factors in this equation. In addition to well-being at work and a good work culture, equality and non-discrimination have a connection with the organization’s ability to innovate and understand customers’ different perspectives. A responsible employer must take equality and non-discrimination issues into account in their operations, both in terms of employee well-being and business development.

Has your organization scanned out how gender equality is realized and do people from different backgrounds have equal opportunities to participate in your business activities? It is the duty of employers to evaluate together with the personnel the realization of equality and non-discrimination in the working community. Companies also have an obligation to promote the realization of equality and non-discrimination and to prevent discrimination. Equality and non-discrimination require active action. At A&S, we help scan the current status of equality and non-discrimination in organizations through interview-based surveys. Our goal, together with our client organizations, is to promote the realization of equality and non-discrimination and to prepare the plans required by legislation in accordance with the needs of the personnel. In addition, we organize customized trainings and workshops.

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