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We assist our customers in developing a tax strategy and instructing its internal implementation to be in line with the business and sustainability goals. When carefully implemented, internal processes and instructions serve as the backbone of managing daily tax matters and support decision-making. We also assist our customers to be prepared for the increase in domestic and EU-level regulation by developing external tax responsibility reporting.

Prepare for changes by reviewing internal processes and scanning the situation of external tax responsibility reporting on time!

In the tax responsibility workshop, we review the company’s tax strategy and other internal guidelines that affect taxation in daily decisions. We will also go through how the internal guidelines have been implemented in the organization, so that the guidelines do not just remain at the level of speech but truly support daily business. In addition, we discuss the tax risks related to the operating structure, possible aggressive tax structures, and ongoing rectification claim and legal processes. We also map the functionality of tax declaration processes and the information in use to verify the correctness of tax declarations. In addition to internal instructions and processes, we will review the current state of external tax responsibility reporting and the goals for developing reporting in accordance with international standards.

As a result of the workshop, you will receive a concise report on the current state of tax responsibility, internal processes, and external reporting, as well as our recommendations on further actions.

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