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Arm’s length analyses and database studies 

For cross-border intra-group business transactions, ensuring compliance with the arm’s length principle requires validation based on independent comparable data and benchmarking studies.

We have access to all the key databases utilized in transfer pricing (such as BvD Orbis, RoyaltyStat, Bloomberg), and possess the skills to put them to efficient use. All the analyses we prepare are made in-house by our specialized team, utilizing our proprietary approaches honed to perfection over the years. The analyses and results can be utilized to support both the (advance) price setting and the (subsequent) validation of the arm’s length compliance.

In addition to individual, one-off analyses, we also offer a unique Benchmarking-as-a-Service (BaaS) concept under which we provide continuous and cost-effective maintenance service for the benchmarking studies prepared for documentation and validation purposes.

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