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Designing and implementing a new transfer pricing model 

For an international group operating in a modern business environment, the key operational areas, the distinctive features of business, and the geographical coverage can change, sometimes even quite fast. This puts the internal operational and transfer pricing model to the test.

We help our customers grow, go international, and succeed by ensuring that all mandatory, transfer pricing related obligations are fulfilled in an appropriate manner. In our efficient TP|SWOT, or when more extensive changes are involved, our BMO (Business Model Optimization) engagements, we carefully study the context, interview the key persons, and take into account the latest regulatory changes and expected future scenarios to form a well-argued recommendation of an internal operational model that will minimize the risks and maximize the benefits – one that is best suited to the current situation, light to administer, and tax efficient.

Once the planning stage has been completed, we assist in putting the selected model into practice in daily operations (key practices, processes, and controls), in communications towards key interest groups (internal trainings, preliminary discussions, and agreement procedures with tax officials), in documentation (internal instructions and transfer pricing documentation), and, when required, in defense (tax audits and corresponding adjustment procedures).

As means of implementation, you can choose between a turnkey solution, or support targeted at certain core areas, depending on the required actions, variables, and available internal resources.

To guarantee maintenance and functionality for the model, we recommend our innovative TP|BackOffice service concept. Under this concept, we act as your trusted partner in all transfer pricing related matters and assume overall responsibility for the agreed tasks in a cost efficient manner.

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