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Outsourcing of transfer pricing as a service (TP|BackOffice)

Over the years, we have noticed that transfer pricing issues can, at worst, delay the daily business operations of an internationalizing group. In a worst-case scenario, these can even hinder growth. However, few companies have the resources, or even the need, to hire someone to specifically tackle these difficult issues as a full-time job.

Based on the above, we have developed our unique TP|BackOffice service concept that involves offering our customers a whole team of seasoned professionals – with just the right scope, covering all the key operating countries of the group. The underlying idea is to replace separate one-off engagements with continuous and close cooperation. This means maximized efficiency and synergy benefits in supporting the daily pricing and planning processes and in maintaining an appropriate level of compliance.

The unique service concept is based on a monthly invoicing arrangement, thus ensuring full predictability and enabling us to become a trusted partner for our customers: one-stop-shop service provider and a trusted advisor. An outsourced, always-available expert resource that will provide help and support with low contact threshold and in relation to all transfer pricing issues arising in connection with daily business operations around the globe.

In addition to transfer pricing, the tailored service concept can cover also our other professional service areas (law and tax services, financial advisory). Via our extensive partnership network we can ensure that whenever required, appropriate local know-how will be available in all key operating regions of the multinational group.

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