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Tiina Rapo

Head of Finance & Business Support

Tiina Rapo, Head of Finance & Business Support, Alder & Sound

Tiina leads our finance function and is responsible for the company’s financial processes, management reporting and various admin and business development projects.  

She has experience in financial analysis, development of financial reporting, budgeting, financial modeling, transaction advisory, auditing, and assurance.   

  • Contact information

    +358 41 522 9590

  • Education & certifications

    Aalto University School of Business (Aalto BIZ) 

  • Experience & specialization

    Experience in wide range of financial roles and responsibilities, such as financial analysis, development of financial reporting and financial processes, budgeting, modeling, transaction advisory, and auditing. 

    Specializes in comprehensive and continuous improvement of finance function as an essential part of a business. 

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